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ONE professional contact person for all your concerns as a tenant!

For all topics concerning your flat, simply contact us. We will then take care of it!

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Maximum flexibility: New living situation - new flat.

As soon as you notice that something has to change in your living situation (bigger, smaller, more rooms, ground floor...) rentcastDir offers custom-fit objects.

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Frequently asked questions from tenants

How do I become a rentcast tenant?

You respond to one of our listings like usual. After a first check of your request we will invite you to a visit, discuss the conditions and finally we will sign a rental contract with you

Is the rentcast rental contract a regular rental contract?

Yes, the rental contract we sign with you is a regular rental contract. Not unlike the contracts that you may have signed several times in your life before. No hidden costs, no scale rent or other surprises.

You have not found what you were looking for?

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