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The rentcast way

You rent out your flat once to rentcast and from this point on you don't have to worry about anything.

Guaranteed rent starting on the date of your choice. Secure returns month after month!

Even in the event of vacancy or change of tenant, we continue to pay reliably and punctually. And that without any ifs and buts. So you have the security you need to ensure your investment is planned reliably.

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Rentcast Benefit 1

Repairs, complaints and co.? We will sort it out!

We handle all communication with the tenant and take care of complaints and, if necessary, repairs.

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Rentcast Benefit 2

New letting without effort!

You let your flat to us once. From then on we take over. From the creation of the advertisement to viewings and the conclusion of the rental contract.

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Rentcast Benefit 3

That's how it works!

Rentcast How 1

1. request an offer

Make a request on the website or contact us. We will get in touch with you to clarify the final details and provide you with a preliminary offer.

Rentcast How 2

2. sign the rental contract and hand over your keys

After checking the property details and your rental object, we will send you a final offer. If you accept the offer, we will officially become your tenant and you hand over the keys to the flat to us.

Rentcast How 3

3. receive regular rental payments

rentcast is now your tenant and will sublet the flat to a suitable final tenant. You do not have to do a thing anymore and you will receive your rental income regularly.

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Frequently asked questions from landlords

Who are rencast's customers?

Our offer is aimed at all landlords who want to rent out one or more flats quickly and safely and receive a guaranteed rental payment in return.

How can I rent my flat to rentcast?

You can start an enquiry via our website, send us an e-mail (info@rentcast.eu) or call us (+49 711 252 864 90). Together we will then clarify the last details in order to make you a preliminary offer. If you accept the offer we will officially become your tenant and you hand over the keys to the property to us. You will then regularly receive the rent conveniently on your bank account.

To whom does rentcast sublet my property?

When selecting a tenant, we check many other characteristics besides the financial ones in order to find tenants who are suitable for your property. Ultimately it is also in our interest that the tenant feels comfortable and pays his rent on time, as we bear the risk of non-payment of rent or a vacancy.

You have not found what you were looking for?

Then leave us your contact details and we will get back to you!